Logistic and Equipment of the Firm

BEETLSL have well organized lab with following equipment

Computing Section
1. Computers (PCs-10 sets andLaptops—6 sets): 16 sets
2. Printers includingColored andLaser Printers 5 pcs
3. CD Writer: 10 pcs
4. ScanningMachine 2 sets
5. Multi-Media Projector 1set
6. Video Camera 2 pcs
7. Digital Camera 3 pcs


01     Photocopier 02 set
02     Spiral BindingMachine 01
03     Generator facilities 01
01    Over Head /Transparencywith standard Screen:   1
02     TapeRecorders 5
03     Telephone

connections  Good

2 set


04     Fax, E-mail connectionsand Website
01     Cars 2
02     Micro bus for field personnel 5

Laboratory Instruments

ü  High Volume Sampler/Respirable Dust Sampler APM 460 NL
ü  Fine Particulate Dust Sampler
ü  Portable Stack Sampler
ü  Personal Sampler
ü  Indoor air quality analyzer (Electrochemical)

ü  (PM2.5, VOC, O3, CO, CO2, O2, & CH2O Analyzer)

ü  Peak Flow meter
ü  Flue Gas Analyzer (Data Logger)
ü  Air velocity meter (Digital)
ü  UV Spectrophotometer
ü  Digital Balance (04 digit)
ü  Autoclave
ü  Magnetic Stirrer-
ü  Electronic Oven-
ü  Desiccators
ü  Steam bath
ü  COD Reactor
ü  Refrigerator
ü  Pocket pH Meter
ü  TDS Meter
ü  Conductivity Meter
ü  Noise Level Meter
ü  Lux Meter
ü  Temperature & Humidity Meter
ü  Distilled water Plant
ü  Glass wares, Pippets, Burates, etc.
ü  Different Chemicals