Management and Organogram

The management of BEETLSL has sound experience of both national and international projects. BEETLSL represents a new breed of young professionals who are determined to make an impact on the consulting industry by providing premium services that can be evaluated against measurable outcomes. BEETLSL has always endeavored to upgrade their expertise and provide the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology and cost-effective solutions to its clients. This, in turn, has helped BEETLSL to earn a national reputation for engineering and environmental excellence. A group of Chemistry, Environmental Science, civil, mechanical, electrical, environment engineers, environmentalist and sociologist are working in BEETLSL. Some of them work as per the requirement of the project. The organogram of BEETLSL is presented below:

Key Management


  • Imam Hossain, Chairman

Md. Imam Hossain got his M.S in Islamic History from National University in 1997. He started his business career in the field of supply, installation, testing commissioning of chemical laboratory instruments, reagents, accessories in the same year which envisioned him to start up business ventures in the field of Environmental Quality testing, monitoring, engineering, training, and consultation services. He is the successful proprietor of Paradise Scientific Company Ltd. which holds more than 20 business alliances in the global arena. A person might look at your own joy casino games real money. With more than two decades of substantial experiences, he is leading the marketing and operation of BEETLSL.


  • FatemaAkter,Director (Operation)

Dr. Akter is serving as Assistant Professor in the Department of Geographyand Environment of University of Dhaka. She did her PhD in the field ofMeteorology from Kyoto University, Japan with a highest academicexcellence. She is a young professional with great success in herdiversified involvement both in academic research and project management.She has excellent management skills and comfortable working with peopleof all levels.


Dr. Akter has the ability to work independently in anenvironment of change, challenge, multiple deadlines and prioritiessimultaneously motivates staff on an individual and team level. She hasextensive experience of operational matters, handles numbers of projectswith the ability to manage performance. She has a successful record ofdelivery and exceeding targets and having great dedication for providingquality assurance in the field of natural resource and environmentalmanagement. She is an outstanding individual, eager to deliver excellenceat every opportunity.


  • Tanveer Ahmed, Advisor (Environment& Lab Operation)

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed completed his PhD degree in Environmental Science from Shiga University. He was also awarded BSc. (Hons) and MS in Environmental Science respectively. He has almost 11 years’ experience in numerous parameter testing, solid waste and wastewater treatment, water quality management, CETP, ETP etc.


His expertise areas are air, soil and water sample collection and analysis, identification of hazards wastes, improvement of waste water sludge management plan, air emissions and control, solid and hazardous waste management, chemical and hazardous materials storage, handling and management, Industrial waste disposal procedures, Risk assessment of Hazardous wastes, environmental management system (ISO-14001), etc. Besides, he has an efficient instrumental expertise related to 3D-2D Fluorescence Spectroscopy, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, UV-Visible spectroscopy, Ion Chromatography, Flame & Graphite Furnace Atomic Emission Spectroscopy, Total Organic Carbon and Element Analysis, Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry.


  • Shahidul Karim, Team Leader (EHS)

Mr. Mohammad Shahidul Karim is knowledgeable and well qualified expert who has completed B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from RUET in 1989. He also completed M.Sc. Engg. (Civil & Environment) from BUET in 2008. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the field of Environment and civil engineering. Besides this, he also performed additional responsibilities as Structural Designer (Buildings), Master Plan Expert, Consultant Engineer, Training and Capacity Building Expert, Procurement Specialist at different organizations. He was also involved in implementation of EIA and IEE projects as Team Leader like His duties were to overall management, monitoring of the project activities, geological survey/assessment, conduction of soil investigation survey, structural and architectural design analysis, master plan preparation, estimating, preparing tender documents, BOQ, budgeting, supervision and management of civil works, liaison and communication, report writing etc.


  • JubaerArefin, Environment Specialist

Mr. JubaerArefin has completed Masters of Science in Environmental Conservation, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom in 2010. He also completed B.Sc. & MS in Environmental Sciences from Jahangirnagar University. He has also obtained PGD in Management of Land Acquisition Resettlement and Rehabilitation (MLARR) degree from BRAC University. He has around 10 years of Professional experience in the field of the activities of supervision and the implementation of ESMF, EIA, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Environmental Compliance, Industrial pollution, Management of Hazardous Materials, Project Management, Research Consultancy and Training, Capacity Building etc.


  • Raisin Akhter Feroz, Occupational Health Safety Specialist

Mr. Raisin Akhter Feroz is a skillful expert in the field of occupational health safety and environmental management. He completed B.Sc. & MS in Environmental Sciences from Jahangirnagar University and have more than 10 year’s professional experience. He has extensive research and training experience.


He is responsible for environmental audit, monitoring evaluation and supervision of the health safety aspects of the running project. Provide training and capacity building of the worker. He is also Responsible for the preparation of Initial Environmental, Examination (IEE), Environmental Impact Assessment. (EIA), and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to mitigate the adverse environmental impacts, Review and update contractor environmental management plan, health & safety management plan.


  • Shofiul Islam, Manager (Environment)

Mr. Shofiul Islam has a sound Environmental Background having more than 5 years’ professional experience in Environment related project especially conducting IEE, EIA and EMP, Site Assessment, Feasibility study, Climate Change and Renewable Energy. Mr. Shofiul is familiar in project proposal development, coordination, Supervision, project Management and Implementation.Mr. Islam obtained his B.Sc. and MS degree in Environmental Sciences from Jahangirnagar University


  • Shehabul Munir, Health Safety Officer

Mr. Shehabul Munir Islam obtained his B.Sc. and MS degree in Environmental Sciences from Jahangirnagar University and have more than 5 years professional experience in the field of health safety and environmental management on Environmental safeguard and management, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Management Framework, Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001),Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001, 2018), ZDHC, ZLD, Higg FEM 3.0, Sustainable Chemical Management (BCMP, E-Cube, Clean Chain), Rain water harvesting, Waste management, ETP management and Renewable Energy.


His specialize area is Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018, ETP Operation and management, Risk Management, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, integrated sustainable Waste management & Renewable energy, Implementation of good practices of EMS (ISO 14001, 2015), OHSAS (45001, 2018), Monitoring of onsite environmental parameters i.e. air quality, water quality and noise level as per standard, Leads the deployment of employee-directed environmental, health and safety teams (Accident Investigation team, Ergonomics Committee, First Aid Team, etc.) and facilitates their engagement in ownership of the activities that enable a compliant, incident-free workplace while reducing the site’s environmental footprint, Conduct internal audit on EMS & OHS and assist to take correction and corrective action on audit findings, Green factory initiatives, Waste management, energy saving plan, rain water harvesting initiatives, ETP outlet water reuse and recycling on process.


  • Saiful Islam, Ecologist

Mr. Saiful Islam  has completed his B.Sc. degree in Botany and M.Sc. in Plant Systematic and Biodiversity Lab. From Jahangirnagar University. He is responsible for Preparation of baseline biological environment, Responsible for prepare impact assessment, mitigate andmonitoring plans (EMoP) Forbiological environment, Preparation of environmental management plan (EMP) for biological environment, Preparing and monitoring of capacity building training program, Management, supervision and preparation of Environmental Study and Monitoring of air, water, noise quality, vibration, flora and fauna study.


  • Mohsin Kabir Miron, Zoologist

Mr. Mohsin Kabir Miron completed his graduation in Zoology and Post-graduation in oceanography from Dhaka University. He has extensive research and project experience with holding several positions like ForestBirdSurveyor, BirdRingingParticipant, WaterbirdCensusParticipant and so on. He is responsible for field data collection, prepare Map, Data analysis by using ArgGIS, SPSS etc.


  • Mohammad Mahbub Kabir, Executive (Environment)

Mr. Mahbub Kabir completed his graduation and post-graduation in Environmental Sciences from Jahangirnagar University in 2013 and 2014, respectively. He has 3 years sound environmental knowledge. He is a well skilled professional regarding Initial Environmental Impact Assessment (IEE), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), Coordination and management of Environmental laboratory and sampling analysis.


  • Sadia Afrin, Executive

Sadia Afrin Nitol completed MS in Environmental Sciences from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh in 2014. She has more than 3 years’ experience in the field of research and consultancy covering many environmental and social issues of Bangladesh. She was directly involved with Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Feasibility Study of different projects.


  • Afroza Akhter, Lab Analyst

Ms. Afroza Akhter completed his M.Sc. and B.Sc. in chemistry from Eden Mohila College.Ms. Akhter have 2 years of working experience as a lab analyst and responsible for sample collection (Air, water, Soil and Noise), analysis and preparation of lab report.


  • Yousuf Sikder, Logistic Support Officer

Mr. Yousuf Sikder is an experienced support officer and have completed his graduation from national university. He has more than 8 years of professional experience and responsible for field coordination, communication, and ensure all logistic support.