Laboratory Analysis

BEETLSLHas a fully equipped Environmental Laboratory with the facility of examining all kinds of water, noise, and air quality Parameters. Attempt your main chance using casino games online no deposit. There is a well experienced and dedicated lab analyst team who are responsible for performing following lab test according to the client and project specifications.

A. Waste water test parameters B. Drinking Water Test Parameters
1. pH 1. pH
2. Color (True or Apparent) 2. Color (True or Apparent)
3. Salinity (SL) 3. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
4. Electrical Conductivity (EC) 4. EC
5. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) 5. Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
6. Carbon –di-Oxide (CO2/Acidity) 7. Chloride
7. Amonia-Nitrogen (NH3-N) 8. Turbidity
8. Nitrate-Nitrogen (NO3-N) 9. Total Hardness
9.Nitrite_ Nitrogen (NO2-N) 10. Calcium Hardness
10.Total Nitrogen 11.P-Alkalinity/M-Alkalinity/T-Alkalinity
11.Total Phosphorus 12. Manganese
12.Orthophosphate (PO4) 13.Total /Fecal Coliform/TTC-each
13.Sulfate (SO4) 14.E.Coli
14. Biochemical oxygen Demand (BOD) – -5 day 15.Arsenic
15. Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) C.  Soil Quality Test Parameters
16. Chloride (Cl) Organic Matter
17.Na/Ca//Cd/Cr/Cu/Ni/Zn Texture
18. Total Hardness pH
19.Calcium, Hardness/Magnesium Hardness EC
20. Manganese (Mn) Permeability
21. P-Alkalinity/ M-Alkalinity/T-Alkalinity Water Holding Capacity
22. Total Iron (Fe) – Phenanthroline Method Porosity
23.Turbidity D. Ambient Air Quality Test Parameters
24. Total Suspended Solids (TSS)/Insoluble Solids/(TSS+TDS+TS)- CO/SOx/NOx
25.Total Coliform (TC)/Thermo tolerant Coliform (TTC) SPM/PM10/PM 2.5/VOCs
26.Fecal Coliform E. Ambient Noise Level Test Parameters
27.E.Coli 1. Noise Level Mapping
28.Clorine Content (Total) 2. Light Monitoring/Mapping
29.Arsenic As  
31.Free CO2